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Organized Living with Michaele Tocco

Organize Your Life



Organized Living with Michaele Tocco membership

Hey there, I'm Michaele

You know those days when it feels like you’re juggling a circus while trying to maintain a Pinterest-perfect home? Yeah, we’ve all been there. As a mom, wife, pro organizer, and business owner, I know firsthand the struggle of juggling a million things while desperately trying to maintain a sense of calm and control. But no worries, because I've got your back! 

With the Organize Your Life membership, I'm here to empower you and help you reclaim your space, your time, and your sanity. Oh, and did I mention that I'm not just any professional organizer? I'm a two-time host of the hit TV show "Chaos to Calm." So you can trust me when I say that I've seen it all, from overflowing closets to cluttered kitchens. I've got the tips and tricks to make decluttering a breeze, and organizing something you'll enjoy. 

Inside this membership, you'll receive weekly organizing tips and prompts, monthly live organizing chats, organizing Q & A sessions, a community of organized women, and so much more! This intimate membership is limited to 15 awesome souls, because I believe in quality over quantity and creating a space where you feel truly heard and supported.

I'll be your biggest cheerleader.

Let's get organized together,


Organize Your Life with 
Michaele's Precise Planning

You'll gain access to the membership
on January 1, 20
24 with our first
Zoom call on Sunday, January 7th

Membership runs January - June 2024

Organize Your Life Membership 2024

Membership option:

  • Weekly organizing tips & prompts

  • Monthly live organizing chats

  • Private group limited to 15 people

  • Organizing Q & A sessions

  • Plus more!

"Learning from Michaele was one of the best decisions I made in my commitment to becoming organized. She is very attentive and really listens to her clients so that they can achieve maximum results. The decluttering process is one that I thought was too arduous of a task, however, step by step under her guidance and instruction, I grew more confident with each decision I made. In resolving my closet dilemma, I felt empowered to take on more projects and have grown confident with each task. Michaele is very professional and knowledgeable - you will definitely leave her sessions with a better sense of organizing than when you started."  - Vivian G.
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