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Home Staging for realtors in Metro Detroit, Michigan

Over 90% of buyers first searched for homes online. 85% reported that photographs were the most important deciding factor.

Staging Services

Getting a home ready for an open house or sale can feel overwhelming. Whether you're a homeowner or a client, our goal is to simplify and ease the decluttering process.


Our expert decluttering services in Metro Detroit are tailored to assist you in crafting a welcoming and attractive ambiance, highlighting your home's true potential for potential buyers. It's the ideal solution to make your house stand out during open houses or showings.

Home Staging for Metro Detroit real estate

Home Staging

Effective decluttering plays a vital role in the home-selling process as it fosters a tidy, open, and visually attractive setting. By eliminating unnecessary items and arranging the space thoughtfully, it enables prospective buyers to imagine their life in the residence and accentuates its most appealing attributes. The more you do to prepare your house, the faster it will sell!

Metro Detroit Home Staging:

  • Enhance visual appeal for photos and showings by decluttering the space.

  • Utilize existing items in the home to stage rooms effectively.

  • Pack away non-essential items until after the move.

  • Arrange and systematize storage units.

  • Coordinate with realtor and client for timely completion.

How Does It Work?

Complimentary Discovery Call:

A 15 min phone call to discuss your goals, timeline, and challenges faced. A discovery call is perfect for getting to know one another to determine if we will be a good fit, before booking your consultation.


  •  30 minute virtual consultation

  • Walk through of your space(s) and discussion of your vision for the space 

  • Overview of the MPP process

  • Answer any questions you may have

Let the fun begin!

The professional organizer (s) will arrive on site prepared to complete the service!

​Here's what you can look forward to:

  • Sessions are typically 4 to 6 hours

  • A customized plan designed specific to your needs

  • Hands on time spent in your home decluttering and organizing

  • Product placement and creating custom labels

  • Time management tips and tricks

  • Coaching on how to maintain your organized space 

  • Removal of donations or scheduling for bulk pickup

  • Unlimited email access between sessions

Not located in Michigan? Michaele's Precise Planning will travel to you!
Standard T&E applies. Contact me for more details!

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