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Michaele's Precise Planning offers a 60 minute virtual or face-to-face consultation. This is an opportunity to identify your organizing needs to achieve your goals. I look forward to speaking with you!

▪Consultation rate- $60 (applied towards package cost)

▪Thorough discussion of your goals

▪Measurements of your space will be taken

*Virtual held via Zoom or Google Meet

*Payment is non-refundable


Do you want your home or business organized but haven't had the time? Decluttering and sorting through your items can be overwhelming, and is not a task you have to do alone. Michaele's Precise Planning specializes in transforming spaces to make your environment more efficient in your day to day. We believe that physical clutter is a direct contributor to mental clutter, and that feeling of frustration. All of the spaces in your home or office should bring you SATISFACTION! Book your consultation today!

Investment starts at $75/hr with a 4 hour minimum

*Consultation required before booking this service

Well Organized Closet. Home organizing and decluttering. Create a organized home or office that functions for your lifestyle.
Time management session. Learn how to better manage time with an organizer.

Time Management

Are you feeling frazzled? Overwhelmed? Juggling too many things? You've probably tried every planner in the world and still feel overwhelmed and disorganized. If you want to feel more in control and accomplished, then a Time Management session could be exactly what you need. Book your consultation today!

Investment starts at $75/hr with a 4 hour minimum

*Consultation required before booking this service.


Michaele's Precise Planning will take the stress out of the overwhelming process of moving. We can help you declutter before a move, also unpack and organize your belongings after you move so you can enjoy your new home or office. Contact me for details!

Relocation includes:

▪Declutter before move/Unpacking items

▪Organizing items in your home or business

*Relocation Services are a minimum of 4 hours

*Email for inquiries about pricing

Moving and relocation. Decluttering and packing before a move. Unpacking after a move or relocation.
DIY Organizing. Kitchen organization and organizing products.

DIY Organizing

If you already have an idea in mind but don't know exactly how to execute it, our DIY plan is what you are looking for! This option is great for clients who have a limited amount of time, would like to be budget friendly, or just need some guidance. Michaele's Precise Planning will develop a customized plan for you to complete your hands on process.

▪Our In Home DIY plan $210 (per room) includes a 45 minute walk through of the project space

▪Our Virtual DIY plan $210 (per room) includes a 45 minute Zoom call for one on one organizing support

Home Staging

Michaele's Precise Planning can stage and style your home before it's listed for sale. We will declutter what you don't need and style your home with decor you already have, or shop for new items to make it desirable to the eyes of buyers. 


Investment starts at $75/hr with a 4 hour minimum

*Consultation required before booking this service

Home Staging
Organizing Maintenance and updates.


Michaele's Precise Planning wants to maintain any space or system we have previously helped our clients transform. To aid in this we offer maintenance services to existing clients only, for those spaces that need regular updates. We can relabel, add additional storage, or swap out seasonal items. For your loyalty you will receive a 10% discount when booking this service. These visits may vary from weekly, biweekly, or monthly.

$75/hr with a 2 hour minimum and 10% discount

*Maintenance is $135 for 2 hours/$67.50 additional hr