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Are You On Track?- 2022 Goals

It’s a little known fact that most of us set these amazing goals for ourselves, and think we will implement them all in January. Right? But, how many of us truly stick with it after the first few weeks of January?

Last year, that's exactly what I did. I promised myself I would stay on track with exercising, and going to a personal trainer was the motivating factor. I started out slow but then started to love how I felt after my training sessions. I was consistent for eight or nine months but started letting my busy work schedule get in the way. Now don’t get it wrong, I love being busy organizing client spaces and wouldn’t trade it for the world. But somewhere along the way I allowed my packed schedule to be the reason I stopped driving the distance to see my trainer. I would say, “it’s an hour and a half drive and then an hour session. That's too much time out of my day I’m not going”. I talked myself right out of something that was actually benefiting me.

Meanwhile, by the time October arrived I was well into a full business rebrand, more clients, and barely drinking my daily smoothie. Not to mention I started back eating more unhealthy snacks to get through my day than healthy ones. Let's not even talk about all the food that gets eaten in November and December! If my mom wasn’t making us sweet potato pies, I was picking up cakes from the bakery. We were still eating healthy meals but packing in the junk food too.

So I've decided to get myself back on track asap with my workouts. I’m not rejoining my trainer as of yet because my goal is to be more intentional about exercising on my own. My husband put my treadmill and total gym in place for me in a corner of our basement to get me going. I’ve honestly only been using the treadmill so far just to run and stay active. To ensure that I stay on track with my full workout I’ve put a few things in place:

  1. A daily reminder in my phone first thing in the morning to exercise. If for some reason I am up and out of the house earlier than normal, I have a backup evening reminder.

  2. I've also designated which days will be legs and which days will be arms. My treadmill will act as pretty much a warm up/cool down.

  3. Write out my healthy snack list for the week and buy those items from the grocery store weekly to be sure I always have a healthy snack at home or to take in the car.

  4. I’ve always been pretty good about meal prep, so I am continuing that habit to ensure healthy meals as opposed to take-out.

  5. Lastly, I pulled out all of my cute workout clothes. I don’t know about you, but if I’m going to be sweating I at least want to look great doing it.

I am sticking with my goal and I want you to join me in sticking with the goals you set for yourself for 2022. There will always be an obstacle or our own thoughts that throw us off course from the goals we set. We have to be determined not to give up and stay the course of whatever it is that will make us a better version of ourselves. I will be keeping you up to date with my progress and getting myself back on track. I would love to hear from you on what you’re focusing on and how you plan to stay on track with your 2022 goals!


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