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Let's Talk Delegating!

Discussion about family responsibilities and delegating
My husband and I pictured here. He was a stand in here for some photos I took, but this is how that "delegation" talk looked the day I spoke up and asked him to partner more with me.

Let's Talk Delegating! As a wife and mom of two children, I know all too well the overwhelming and stressful feeling that comes with doing everything for everyone ALONE. That was at least how I felt before I began delegating tasks to my family. Before becoming a Professional Organizer I held a full-time 17 year career in banking, and my husband held a full-time career as well. After having two children I was expected to do all the things for everyone all the time which included, cooking tasty healthy meals, driving the children to all activities, planning family activities and vacations, going to every doctor's appointment, being the best host for gatherings in our home, etc. The list was never-ending and exhausting to say the least.

If you’d rather hear me talk about delegating you can check out my YouTube video where I discuss excellent ways to delegate.

Here is how I changed that one sided dynamic:

1. Speak up! One day I decided to have a talk with my husband expressing the need for him to partner with me in accomplishing some of these daily tasks that we all benefit from. The idea that a woman should do it all alone is an archaic view of the family dynamic. After writing down everything I do in a week and transferring a few of those to my husband, I instantly felt the stress release.

2. I started to cut back on tasks that were non-essential. If it wasn’t absolutely necessary to get it done I didn’t stress over it. That included not making an extra trip to the grocery store if my husband ran out of chocolate chip cookies. Yes, I used to do that! He could add that to his personal to-do list now. I also became more intentional with meal planning and prep to be able to cook some meals in advance. Meal prep took a lot of stress off my week!

3. Create a more consistent daily routine or schedule. Write down what needs to be done and stick to it as much as possible without being sidetracked. That includes scrolling through social media or binge watching a tv show. Those things take up much needed time in your day.

Children helping with chores when age appropriate.
My son and daughter!

4. Having the kids help out more. Now that my children are older (10 & 7) I have delegated more tasks to them around the house as well. They were already expected to keep their rooms clean, but now they help with cleaning the dishes, vacuuming, and taking out the trash. It's never too early to train them on the importance of helping out at home. It teaches responsibility. I for one don't want to raise lazy children into lazy adults!

5. Give yourself a night off! In our weekly routine I also take a night off from all things that require my name being called. As long as nobody needs to go to the ER of course! I have a "me" night, in which my husband and children cook dinner for themselves while I relax and do whatever it is I want to do uninterrupted. This is so necessary for continuing to show up as the best version of myself for me and everyone around me. By delegating a night in which my husband and children are responsible for rather or not they eat, it has helped them become better about trying out new meal ideas that they enjoy.

I hope you found these suggestions on delegating helpful and can implement them in your life. Remember that there is nothing wrong with having everyone in your home partner in keeping everything running smoothly. Be sure to comment and share this blog with anyone or mom that can benefit from it!


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