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My Favorite Hangers & Why I Love Them!

If you’ve been around for a while then you’ve heard me say, all of the hangers in your closet need to match! The main reason for matching hangers is because it looks extremely inviting! Amy Fine Collins said it best, “Opening up your closet should be like arriving at a really good party where everyone you see is someone you like”. Hanging your great clothing on matching hangers adds to that good party! It motivates you to shop your own closet before going out purchasing a new item. In this blog I will share with you my favorite hanger that I use the most in my clients' spaces, and the reasons why. Let’s get started!

Linen Premium Non-Slip Velvet Hanger

Linen Ercu velvet hangers. Non-slip velvet hangers.

I absolutely love this Linen Velvet hanger! Are you tired of struggling to keep your clothing from slipping off the hanger? Meet your new best friend! The velvet material keeps your clothing from falling off the hangers into a pile on your closet floor. The slim design also creates plenty of hanging space in your closet. Who doesn’t love more closet space! The color is so refreshing it can brighten up any closet! That’s why this hanger is the most requested from my MPP clients!

Velvet nonslip hanger


Natural Wooden Hanger

Natural Wooden hanger

Let’s get into the classy and chic natural wooden hanger! This one is definitely one of my favorite hangers! It gives an upscale department store feel when you step into your closet! Besides being highly fashionable, wooden hangers are very durable and sturdy for heavier clothing. Even though this hanger is amazing it can take up more space in an already cramped closet. For more space the slim velvet hanger would be perfect for you!

Wooden hanger. Wooden shirt and pant hanger.


Black Velvet Hanger

Black velvet hanger

The Black Velvet hanger is another great pick if you want a sophisticated and polished look! These thin sleek hangers are another highly requested hanger with my clients. You can never go wrong with black and these are a great pick!

Velvet nonslip hanger. Black velvet nonslip hanger.


Clear Pant & Skirt Hanger

Clear hanger, Clear plastic pant and skirt hanger.

Crystal Clear hangers are my top pick for pants and skirts since they won’t clash with whatever color choice you decide for your closet! They are made of sturdy plastic and have a swivel metal hook allowing you to turn your clothing in any direction. These blend effortlessly into your closet creating a stylish look!


You can purchase any of these favorite hangers at retailers like Target, The Container Store, Sam's Club, HomeGoods, At Home, and Amazon to name a few. Before purchasing your hangers always consider the size of your closet and the overall aesthetic you're going for. I've included all of the links for you. Happy hanger shopping!


This page contains affiliate links. This means that I earn a commission from qualifying purchases you make through my links. This is at no additional cost to you! Happy shopping!


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