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Spring Closet Reset!

It’s officially time to go outside!!! Spring is one of my favorite times of the year! The flowers start to bloom and the temperature outside feels so much nicer than the winter cold. The best part about spring is I start my spring closet reset as I like to call it. In this month’s blog I will be sharing my personal closet reset to get you started. So let’s go!!!

The temperature can be so unpredictable here in Michigan, that's why I like to have my closet organized for whatever comes my way. The first thing to do is pull every piece of clothing out of your closet. Yes I said EVERYTHING! Start purging any fall or winter clothing that you didn’t wear this past season, or that no longer fits. Try everything on! Don’t just do the eyeball test to decide. Our bodies change and so does what's in style. You can't do a proper spring closet reset if you don't make sure your clothing still fits. Make the extra effort to know for a certainty if a piece of clothing is a keeper or not. Purge into three different categories: Keep, Donate, and Toss.

After you try everything on and edit into categories you’ll need to pack away any cold weather clothing from the “keep” pile. Pack up any heavy winter clothing that you won’t need and store in bins. Use weathertight bins if storing in a garage that is not temperature controlled in order to prevent mold or mildew. If you have more closet space like I do, you don’t need to pack away your fall or winter clothing. Simply shift the fall or winter clothing to the back of the closet.

Now’s the fun part! Once you’ve stored away what you don’t need, it’s time to start adding your clothing back into the closet. Start moving your winter clothing toward the back of the closet if you have ample space to do so, and shift your spring clothing forward. Remember to hang your clothing in color order, and categorize by what you need access to the most. Rather it’s work clothes, yoga, sports, etc., be sure it is in an easy to reach space in your closet. Shoes are also an important part of your spring closet reset, so you'll want to follow the same process for your shoes also. Try them on, keep, toss, donate, and place them back in the closet. Follow these steps for everyone in the house.

Click this link to watch my quick video for fun ways to organize clothes with kids.

Last but definitely not least, GET DRESSED AND ENJOY THE WEATHER!


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